Monday, 9 July 2012

Bristol's most and least deprived neighbourhoods

The 32 Bristol neighbourhoods* that, according to national statistics, are amongst the 10% of most deprived neighbourhoods in the entire country;

Hareclive Whitchurch Park
Easton Road Lawrence Hill
Southmead Central Southmead
Ilminster Avenue West Filwood
Fulford Road South Whitchurch Park
Filwood Broadway Filwood
Throgmorton Road Filwood
Inns Court Filwood
Fulford Road North Hartcliffe
Old Market and the Dings Lawrence Hill
Stapleton Road Lawrence Hill
Whitchurch Lane Hartcliffe
Crow Lane Henbury
St Pauls Ashley
Leinster Avenue Filwood
Barton Hill Road Lawrence Hill
Bishport Avenue East Whitchurch Park
Filton Avenue North Lockleaze
Lawrence Weston South Kingsweston
Four Acres Bishopsworth
St Agnes Ashley
Fair Furlong Hartcliffe
Bishport Avenue West Hartcliffe
Lawrence Weston Parade Kingsweston
St Philips Lawrence Hill
Bedminster Southville
St James Barton Cabot
Gill Avenue Frome Vale
Lockleaze South Lockleaze
St Judes Lawrence Hill
Trymside Southmead
Ilminster Avenue East Knowle

And the 10 Bristol neighbourhoods that are ranked amongst the least deprived in the entire country;

Golden Hill Henleaze
University Halls Stoke Bishop
Canford Park Westbury-on-Trym
West Broadway Henleaze
Canford Lane Westbury-on-Trym
Stoke Bishop North Stoke Bishop
Rockleaze Stoke Bishop
Elmlea Westbury-on-Trym
Henbury Hill Westbury-on-Trym
Henleaze North Henleaze

* neighbourhood here is defined in terms of Lower Level Super Output Areas (LLSOA). An explanation and a list of the Bristol LLSOAs can be found on the Bristol City Council website here A map of LLSOAs by ward can be accessed by clicking on the name of a ward on the Bristol City Council website.

Sourece for data; Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2010


  1. Nice post love to see it shared elsewhere!

  2. Hi Tony
    Not surprising to see that almost 50% of those deprived neighbourhoods are in south Bristol, yet only about a third of the population resides in south bristol.
    I know that years ago 50% of all claimants in Bristol were living south of the river.

    I see George Ferguson has bought one of the flats in the old Imperial offices off of Hartcliffe way, perhaps the area won't be so deprived, assuming he moves in, though I doubt it.

    Seriously, if there were more wealthy people in South Bristol, then surely the wealth would rub off. There is a need for social housing in Bristol but, if you have it all in one area, then all the social problems will also be in that area. How's South Glos?